Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heather Ross mix

57 x 74 inches (washed)
a mix of Heather Ross fabrics
9 inch squares
quilting is "orange peel"
batting is bamboo

my name is Linda, and I'm a Heather Ross fabric hoarder.  

My husband asked me who I was giving this quilt to.  I said, "are you kidding?"  I can't even calculate how much your hard earned money this cost you :)

This rare piece was one of those early ebay experiences where you don't realize what your fingers just did till you have to pay for it.  It one took 3 family members simultaneously bidding to win it.  (I made them swear in a blood pact to never repeat what I paid.)

this piece came off a pj bottom from TJ Max

princess and the pea

 Heather draws from the mind of a 6 year old . . . don't ya just love it!?!

the pansies are still looking great and the maiden hair fern is multiplying. . .

I learned how to quilt this orange peel design HERE.

the VW buses were also from pj's 

 and so was the tag :)

Do you have any Heather Ross?


Friday, March 7, 2014

Em's hexi baby quilt

My daughter and I just finished this quilt:

quilt stats:
40" x 51" (washed)
hexi's are random fabrics
quilting is organic straight line w/ hexi's appliquéd on
batting is cotton warm & natural

2 pieces of fabric (a front and back) the size of the ending quilt are basted and quilted.  Hexi's are then appliquéd on.

Em wasn't sure she liked this quilt towards the end of it's making.  Then she saw the washed version and decided it was a keeper!  Something magic happens in that washing machine.

Chain Reaction in Figs

Chain Reaction in Figs is finally finished!  It's my new all time favorite:

quilt stats:
60" x 77" (washed)
fabric is Mirabelle by Fig Tree
negative space is Kona bleached white
warm & natural white batting
quilting design is "Tickle" by Beany Girl Quilts

I fell in love with this quilt pattern when I first saw it at the Houston Market several years ago.    

It is designed by Swirly Girls and can be found in their book, also in a GIVEAWAY below.

The fabric is by Fig Tree

You can see this new line of fabric featured in this post on Joanna's (the designer) blog.


I had a lot of fun quilting it from a pantograph design.  You can read about it here.

 The scraps were in perfect shape for a stacked coin design for the back.

GIVEAWAY: CLOSED -  I've been researching different types of threads that quilters use.  If you're interested in having a copy of this book, leave me a comment telling me what kind of thread you use.

UPDATE:  Giveaway is now closed.  Shauna, I will be in touch with you for contact info.  Thanks for your participation everyone!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


There's nothing better than a 1940's Singer Featherweight while your regular machine is in the shop.

I'm probably the last one to make this "trip around the world" quilt. It was a total compulsive start, but it's gone by fast. 

 I'm using scraps I NEVER thought I'd use.  Just think, a queen size quilt made with unwanted scraps!  I'll definitely need to make one of these every few years.

 I even have these pieced scraps from a previous quilt for the back.

 My Heather Ross top is ready and waiting for the mail man to bring some fabric for the back.

I'm excited to be posting this finish for Friday:

And on a closing note, I was cleaning out my mother-in-law's kitchen last week and found this pot holder.  I finally realized why I was so drawn to it . . .   Could it possibly be the hot pad that the kids made for their grandma 25 years ago?   I love these, they're the best.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


What do they call this?  eye-candy?  a stack of 6 inch pre-cut hexigons . . . 

 . . . randomly sewn together.  How easy is that?

. . . pretty fun actually, till it comes to sewing the rows together.  Then, it gets pretty tedious.

 Marking the corners as instructed with the provided template does help . . . trust me.

I'm not sure about it . . . but I'll keep going.

And then last night, for some random reason, I decided it was time to break into my coveted, secretly protected, untouched, highly invested in, Heather Ross fabrics that have been stored in a cool, dry place.  Maybe it's because I was looking at her new book coming out soon.

I wanted this museum print so bad, I had 3 family members bidding on it during a vacation.  It cost me our grocery budget for the week.

I have a whole pinterest board with HR pins of fun small pieced quilts but most of them take away from her artistic designs.

Then, when I recently saw this quilt that I made several years back, I realized it would make a fun HR quilt, show-casing her designs. 

So, those are my wip for this week.  Do you have any projects you've made with Heather's fabrics?

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